MHACBO Frequently Asked Questions

MHACBO Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an extension?

How do I become a CADC Candidate?

What is candidate status?

How do I extend my candidate status?

How do I file for sabbatical?

What happens if I failed the exam?

How does reciprocity work?


MHACBO Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an extension?


If you wish to file for an extension, please visit our Forms under the "Forms & Info" Section of our website. A person can apply for a free 30 day extension, and a $50 120 day extension for each credential. A persons expiration date cannot be extended beyond 120 days. If a person is currently on a 30 day extension, and they request a 120 day extension, their new expiration date will be extended by 90 days.


How do I become a CADC Candidate?

Registration with MHACBO will place a CADC Candidate on the MHACBO Registry and bind them to the MHACBO Code of Ethics

CADC Candidate Status is valid for 2 years and cannot be extended, unless the following conditions apply.  MHACBO requires a letter from the Candidates current supervisor when a CADC Candidate requests an extension

MHACBO Registration is required within 6 months of beginning employment performing addiction treatment services, and full certification is required within 2 years of registration, unless the individual holds a health or allied provider license or registration issued by one of the following state bodies, and the individual possess documentation of a least 60 contact hours of academic or continuing professional education in substance use disorders treatment:

For more information on the 2 year requirement, please see OAR 309-019-0125


What is Candidate Status?


Candidate Status is limited to 2 years and begins once a candidate submits their registration materials to be placed on the MHACBO Registry. Under OAR 309-019-0125, a person has 2 years to complete MHACBO certification, or hold a health or allied provider license issued by an approved state body (ex. Board of Social Workers) and possess documentation of at least 60 contact hours of academic or continuing professional educaiton in substance use disorders treatment.


How do I extend my Candidate Status?


Candidate Status cannot be extended unless one of the following conditions is met:

If any of these conditions are met, MHACBO will require a letter from the candidates supervisor, supporting documentation (ex. Extenuating circumstances based on medical variance), or both.

How do I file for Sabbatical?


If you wish to file for sabbatical status, please visit "Forms" under the 'Forms & Info" section of our website. The cost for sabbatical is $25 annually, with Sabbatical status limited to 5 consecutive years. If a person on sabbatical status wishes to reactivate their certification, they simply need to complete that credentials renewal packet.


What happens if I fail the exam?


If a person fails the CADC Exam, and wishes to reattempt the exam, they will need to go to the “Exam Retake” form under the “Forms and Info” section of the ACCBO Website. Generally, it takes 1-2 months to reschedule the exam, similar to the same timeline as initial exam registration. Alternatively, a person may request to become certified via the Portfolio Review Process. The Portfolio Review Process is a process where we allow candidates to submit documentation of requirements that go above and beyond the standard requirements for testing. The candidate must have attempted and failed the exam, and submit documentation supporting their request for requesting a Portfolio Review. Please send an email to to request information about the Portfolio Review.


How does Reciprocity work?