Welcome to MHACBO

Waived testing fees have been extended beyond June 30th 2024!

MHACBO can now extend eligible expired CADC-Rs

CRMs are now reimburseable through Medicaid!


  • Oregon Health Authority has issued a memo stating MHACBO CRMs can enroll as Oregon Medicaid Providers and bill under licensed/certified substance use disorder programs enrolled with Oregon Medicaid. - Click here to download memo
  • What does this mean? Historically, with addiction peers, only Peer Support Specialists (PSS) through OHA could enroll as Oregon Medicaid Providers.  Now, MHACBO CRMs can also enroll!
  • What will change?  MHACBO is no longer transmitting new or renewing CRMs to the Oregon Health Authority to be converted to Peer Support Specialists and placed on the Traditional Healthcare Worker registry. 
  • What should you do?  If you need to obtain, or renew, your Oregon Health Authority PSS, you will need to do so directly with OHA

Testing Fees are covered until 6/30/2024!

  • On January 9th, MHACBO has signed a grant with the Oregon Health Authority to cover most fees until 6/30/2024:
  • Please contact MHACBO before coming to our office, or email us to make an appointment


MHACBO offers a continuum of certifications for Oregon behavioral health workforce.

  • National Computerized Exams
  • Primary Source Verification
  • Registration, Certification, Enumeration


Looking to validate a practitioner's certification? Our searchable online registry makes it easy to verify the status and enumeration of a certified member.  The MHACBO Registry is updated every 24 hours.

Jobs Bulletin Board

The MHACBO Jobs Bulletin Board is Oregon's premier place for behavioral health employment opportunities.

Education Resources

The MHACBO Education Resource calendar contains a searchable database of behavioral health course offerings, and allows instructors to post and manage their course announcements.


Certemy certification software is used in multiple states.  The Certemy online application system allows members to access their file anytime they wish.

Data Reports

MHACBO is a source of valuable information regarding the behavioral health workforce, including: median wages, workforce disparity, educational needs, and data regarding beliefs and attitudes.